Waitrose Customer Service

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Contacting Waitrose Customer Service:
 01344 424680

Waitrose Head Office
Doncastle Road,
RG12 8YA

Waitrose Head Office

Waitrose Customer Service

At the heart of Waitrose brand is unmatched quality and freshness. Waitrose ensures that we source our food items from partners who understand how important it is that our customers get the absolute best. We always get our products from sources we approve; we know what the items contain, as well as how and where they have been produced. If you have any queries concerning the quality of our products, feel free to call Waitrose Customer Service on 01344 424680.

It all starts with the long term partnerships with our farmers and other suppliers and goes on with our efforts in championing the British produce, fair treatment to all people, responsible sourcing and environmental consciousness. This is at the core of our business. Additionally, Waitrose contributes generously to local charities of your choice as well as help raise the standards of life for smallholders, farmers and our other suppliers. At the core of our success is building sustainable and mutually beneficial relations with all partners.

What Is the Waitrose Way?

Our goal is to champion healthy living and sustainable lifestyles that improve lives maintains a clean environment as well as enhance good relations. We achieve this by the following means.

We Champion British

Waitrose endeavour to give you the very best of British ingredients whenever they are in season and at the prime of their flavours. They also give you the best of fresh pork, beef, and chicken from British farmers.

Living Well

We believe healthy eating is at the core of a happy lifestyle. This is why we encourage healthy snacking. You can browse through our low-calorie, low-fat diets and eating plans. You will also enjoy our wide range of healthy meals and snacks.

Enhancing Positive Relations

We believe in treating everyone fairly and respectfully. All our partners, customers, suppliers and farmers are essential parts of the success that are Waitrose today. Our fair trade policies allow us to do business only with firms that treat and pay their workers well. This enhances god relations as well as supports businesses that improve the livelihoods of their workers.

Treading Lightly

We are aware of our footprints on the environment. We achieve this by encouraging responsible waste disposal, reducing plastic packaging and carbon emissions and enhancing responsible sourcing of the items we stock. Our range of fresh produce, which is the widest in the UK, is mostly organic and responsibly sourced.

Our Services

We offer a range of fresh produce and other supportive services to our customers. Here are some of the products and services we give to our clients.

  • Fresh meat and groceries
  • Wines
  • Fresh flowers
  • Gardening supplies
  • All things pets and their supplies
  • Recipes and TV cooking lessons
  • Cookery school
  • Home supplies – fragrances
  • Discounts and offers on selected items

Waitrose has partnered with John Lewis to give you additional services such as shopping credit card and insurance. If you need any assistance with any of our services, you can talk to Waitrose Customer Service on 01344 424680.

Exemplary Shopping

We have partnered with food shops, supermarkets, distributors and department stores to help get our products to you. Additionally, our Waitrose supermarket and stores will deliver your shopping across the globe.

We encourage, support and facilitate online shopping. You can buy as much as you want and we will deliver it to you on your preferred day and time. We value your time so we ensure that you do not have to spend more than necessary when shopping.

Our international shipping services are available across the globe. We export ambient, chilled, frozen home and general products all over the world (save for Antarctic). Call us or check out our website to find out more on deliveries to your country.

Our delivery services are tailored to suit your preferences; you say the date, time and address you want the package delivered and we will get it done for you. We give offers on international and local deliveries. Call Waitrose Customer Service or check our website for more information on delivery package and their prices.

Developing a tailored offer ensures that we meet your preferences and needs. The continued management support helps you get the best out of Waitrose products. Account support and promotional activities and initiatives keep you informed.

Our Brands

We offer a wide range of own label brands from everyday essentials, health products to the most indulgent organic products. Some of our brands include the following.

Essential Waitrose

We believe that we can offer affordable products without compromising quality, even on everyday items. With Essential Waitrose, our premier brand, you will enjoy health and beauty, lunch box, household, grocery and other fresh products and all offers and discounts that come with them. Talk to Waitrose Customer Service on 01344 424680 for more on the current programs.

Waitrose Duchy Organic

This is a partnership between Waitrose and Duchy Originals whose goal is to provide organic food products to our customers. The partnership is based on shared beliefs and principles of good farming, food, and causes that are set in the Good Food Charter.

Our Offers

There are endless daily offers, which you can access through our website or by subscribing to our mailing list. You get to enjoy up to 20% discounts on meats, fish, processed food products, flavours, beauty products, soft drinks, wine, meal plans and so much more!

Community Work

We believe that we all can make the world a better place is we join hands and help each other out. This is why we encourage you to join us in our efforts to give back to the community. You can be part of this movement through your local branches by donating to the Community Matters Box. Any tokens of goodwill are expected online through our official website. Or vote for your preferred activities to give them a position in our list of priorities.

Waitrose Foundation

We partner with stakeholders such as growers, exporters and importers to give a percentage of our profits towards specific projects. The projects include healthcare, education and social services, all of which are chosen by our farmers and smallholder committees. The money raised through the Waitrose Foundation is spent on projects which the local community deems a priority. The next time you shop at Waitrose or use any of our brands, you are helping us make our communities better.

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