Tesco Customer Service

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The number for Tesco customer services:
0843 455 0079

Tesco Head Office
Tesco Stores Ltd.
New Tesco House,
Delamare Rd, Cheshunt,
Waltham Cross, EN8 9SL.

Tesco Head Office

Tesco Customer Service

If you are looking for a retail store where you can purchase a large variety of food products, clothing items and fashionable accessories, electronics, and home equipment, you need to visit Tesco Stores. This is one of the most popular stores in the UK, thanks to its wide product selection and professional customer service, all at pocket-friendly prices. The stores are located in eleven countries throughout Europe, Asia and have employed more than 476,000 staff members.

Our Core Values

  • Understanding Our Customers

We try to find out what you need as well as what you value. We then use the relevant information we get to make sure we meet your needs accordingly. When you come to Tesco Stores, our staff members will treat you with respect and give you the expert guidance you need. We will make sure you leave the store delighted, already planning the next shopping spree.

  • Respect and Trust

This is one of our deeply ingrained values; an in-house culture of mutual trust and respect, first within the staff fraternity then extended to our clients. We share what we know and offer support to each other. This brings us together and gives us the chance to improve our performance, and in turn, offer you our services the best way we can.

  • Community

Our community is very important to us. We believe in offering as much help as we can to make the community better. Every little thing that can be done to improve the lives of people is held with the utmost regard. This is done by helping them stay healthy and offering them high-quality products at affordable prices. We are also keen on making sure good food is not wasted.

Tesco Customer ServicesOur Main Goal

Our core purpose is “Serving Britain’s shoppers a little better every day”. This means that we mainly work to make sure our customers’ experience is improved each passing day. We put our customers first; our mission is to give you the most pleasurable shopping experience that will bring you back over and over again. Do you need a head start? Call the Tesco Customer Service number 0843 455 0079 for professional advice.

Our Products

You can get a variety of products from our stores. Besides our groceries and food products, we have clothing, games, sporting equipment, furniture, party gifts, accessories as well as entertainment products and services.

  • Clothing

We offer clothing for all occasions; parties, sports, school uniform and nightwear among others. If you want to get a unique outfit that will flatter your form, visit Tesco and let us dazzle you.

  • Technology

We have the latest games and electronic equipment. Browse through our online catalogue to see the items you can get. You will be amazed by our offers and our convenient mobile payment platform.

  • Home Improvement

At Tesco, you can find all you need to furnish your home. Our selection of furniture and electrical appliances will get your senses tingling. You also get to benefit from amazing deals on selected items.

  • Entertainment

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, you will be happy to know that we keep up with the latest. We also have a good selection of books to keep our customers entertained.

  • Gifts

Have you ever searched for that perfect gift from one store to the other with no luck? Well, Tesco will not disappoint whenever you need to get a gift that your loved one will value. We will give you ideas on what to buy depending on the occasion.

Our Services

Tesco, through the trademark advanced technological innovations, is committed to making sure our customers’ shopping experience is delightful. We help you choose what suits you best. Do not hesitate to call the Tesco Customer Service number 0843 455 0079 should you need expert advice on any of the following services.

  • Health Guidance

Our food products are processed with the right ingredients to keep you healthy. For this reason, if you have specific needs and cannot find everything you need to meet them, we can help you pick up the appropriate products for you.

  • Recipes

Browse our site to get a number of recipes to guide you on what you can make with your leftovers. Our expert nutritionists will help you plan your meals to fit in your schedule and help you maintain a healthy diet.

  • Banking Services

Our banking services are meant to help you save money and plan your finances accordingly. We offer online banking services to give you an easy time controlling your expenditure and paying for your goods at any time and place. You can also get other services from us such as loans and insurance. Try our bank and be sure to enjoy your banking experience.

Online Shopping

Tesco is determined to make your shopping experience easier and much more fun. You do not have to visit our stores to shop. You can simply go to our website and search for anything you want. We have listed everything that is available, and we keep our records updated. We have also included the offers we have on our products. You can, therefore, shop while at home and have your goods delivered just as you want them. You can call the Tesco Customer Service number 0843 455 0079 if you have any queries or concerns.

Free Delivery

Once you start shopping with us, we will deliver your goods for free for the first month. You can order your goods and have us bring them to your house as soon as we can.

Our Brand Guarantee

At Tesco, we make sure you do not pay more than you have to for any product. We care about making you spend exactly what you have in your budget. If you purchase ten items or more, we will sum up the price and compare it to what you would pay at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons as well as Asda. We will give you back the difference if we find out that the items there would cost you less!

Quick Snapshot

Tesco is more than just a retail shop. It is a place where you are assured of getting significant value from what you buy. We are committed to serving you not just by offering the products you need, but by ensuring we contribute to improving your quality of life. We care about making your life better in terms of health, lifestyle and finances. At Tesco, you will find a community of people who are willing to offer you the best treatment you could get. If you do not know where to find the nearest store, call the Tesco Customer Service number 0843 455 0079.

Tesco Customer Service 0843 455 0079

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Tesco Customer Service
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