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How to contact Asda Customer Services:
0843 455 0094

ADSA Stores Ltd
Asda House Southbank,
Great Wilson St,
West Yorkshire,
Leeds, LS11 5AD.

Asda Head Office

Asda Customer Services

With a humble beginnings from a Walmart-style “simple and fresh” store in the mid-90s, Asda has grown exponentially to the brand it is today housing, more than 30,000 different products in its largest facilities. Its expansion to the non-food products has paid off handsomely as is evident from the massive success of its supercenters and superstores in addition to supermarkets and George stores. There are several Asda brands in the market today, all identified with the varying markets in which they thrive.

Our Products

  • Smart Price (formerly Farm Stores)

These are the stores to go to for everything related to food and its preparation. The stores cater to vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food products. This was originally a food-only brand but has now expanded to include food-related products such as kitchenware.

  • Wine

At Asda, you can get various types of wines at favourable prices. We offer wines of different origins as well as special cocktails. If you need to buy drinks for a big event such as a wedding, visit our stores and have our attendants help you get the best.

  • George Clothing

This is the brand which ensures that you are well furnished with high quality, trendy clothing items and accessories as well as professional and friendly fashion guide services. You can shop here for your sports clothing, official wear, shoes, lingerie and school uniform for your children among others.

If you are looking for a place where you can get offers for most of the clothes you buy, this is the store to visit. Every once in a while we offer discounts for selected clothes. You can call the Asda Customer Services on 0843 455 0094 for more information on the current offers.

  • Home Improvement

Asda Customer Services 0843 455 0094.

We are here to help you make your house as beautiful as you want it. We have a number of home accessories and appliances from which you can choose what works best for you. At these stores, you can get such furniture as beds and office tables. We also offer you furnishing items to match everything in your home; curtains, mirrors, rugs, mats, cushions and picture frames.

We offer kitchen appliances as well, items such as blenders, coffee machines, microwaves and cookers. You can also get all the utensils and cleaning materials that you need.

  • Kids Toys

We have a wide selection of toys for kids of varying ages. If you are planning a party, you can order bouncy castles and trampolines from our stores. In addition, you can buy bikes and other outdoor toys as your children grow up.

  • Baby items

Asda is one of those stores that make shopping for baby items fun and easy.  We have baby beds, toys, car seats, travel cots and baby accessories among others. You can also buy the appropriate items to feed your baby with.

We are here for you as you bring up your bundle of joy. You can get all you need for them as they grow, including baby walkers, bouncers, play mats as well as gyms. Get in touch with Asda Customer Services on 0843 455 0094 if you need any assistance.

Asda Customer Services

Our Services

Asda Opticians

If you have an eye problem, you can visit our optical section and get the help you need. We have opticians who are committed to making your life easier. You can get your eyes tested and get the medication, prescription glasses or contact lenses you need.

Our optical section also offers you the advice you need regarding how to handle your contact lenses. If you have a problem using them, you can visit our stores or contact Asda Customer Service on 0843 455 0094 and you will get expert assistance.

Asda Mobile

We are a network provider with various offers for our subscribers. By using our phone network, you save a lot on mobile bills. There are different bundles from which you can select the most convenient for you. This communication services come with a free sim card and enables you to enjoy cheap browsing, texting and calling. Asda is working on providing 4G internet to make your browsing experience even better.

Good Living

Good living offers you tips on how to improve your life in various ways. You can get tips on how you can clean and decorate your house. If you need to learn new recipes, we have a number of them for you. We also have insight on how to live a healthy life as well as how to have a good time with your family.

Delivery Pass

Asda offers you a convenient way to have your goods delivered; we help you save on costs through our delivery pass. We have different delivery pass packages for you. You can choose to pay on a monthly, half yearly or yearly basis.

If you pick a delivery pass that saves you less money than that which you could have saved through our standard delivery package, you will get a refund of the difference in form of an eVoucher.

Asda Click and Collect

Click and collect enables you to order items online and collect them at a convenient time. If you order groceries, we make sure we send you the freshest.

You can choose to collect your goods at the nearest store, where you will find them well packed and carefully stored for you. We have lockers from which you can collect your goods. These lockers are conducive to the preservation of perishables as they are temperature regulated. The click and collect services are free.

Returning or Exchanging Goods

If you need to return an item you did not like, you can take it back to the store, by post or through Collect+. If your item is unopened and unused, you can return it within thirty days and get fully refunded.

Our Price Guarantee

Asda enables you to save 10% on the items you buy from us. We compare the prices of our goods to those of Tesco, Morrison’s, Salsbury’s and Waitrose. If our items do not cost 10% lower than our competitors, we will refund you the difference!

Shopping at Asda gives you a chance to get high-quality items at low prices. We care about helping you use as little as you can on shopping. Our numerous delivery options make shopping convenient and fast.  We also have several stores throughout the UK, hence making it easy for you to reach us. Call Asda Customer Services on 0843 455 0094 if you need any assistance location a store near you. Are you interested in a career at ASDA? if so take a look here.

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