Argos Customer Services

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Contacting Argos Customer Services:
0843 455 0095

Argos Head Office
489-499 Avebury Boulevard,
Saxon Gate West,
Milton Keynes,
MK9 2NW.

Argos Head Office

Argos Customer Services

Argos is one of Sainsbury’s brands, the most successful chain of UK retail stores today. It was formerly a part of the Home Retail Group (owners of Argos and Habitat). Being part of a larger, leading brand in the UK, Argos is doing quite well, with more than 837 stores across UK and 3 flagship Habitat stores. The brand is the major online channel for clothing, food, general merchandise as well as financial services. Talk to us on the Argos customer services number 0843 455 0095 if you need any assistance.

Our Products

We will treat you to a range of products from which you can pick those that fit your fancy. You can shop here for your home items, clothing and electronic devices among others. The products you can get from our stores include:

  • Clothing

At Argos, you can get any type of clothing you need. We are here to make sure you are appropriately dressed for every occasion. We select the best brands of clothing to make it easy for you to choose from.

Additionally, we have costumes for several famous characters. If you would love to look like your favourite fictional character, come to our stores and get yourself a costume.

When it is time for you to take your children to school, you can come to Argos and buy their uniform here.

  • Beauty products

You can get any branded beauty product you want at our stores. We have an assortment of products which would suit your beauty needs. In addition, we offer you help in choosing the appropriate products, and advice on how to use them. We sell high-quality brands of makeup, skincare, and hair products at good prices.

  • Baby items

Argos is determined to offer you a smooth ride while you raise your baby. We have a large assortment of baby items. Visit our stores and get all you need as your baby grows. We have safety, sleep and training items such as car seats, baby bouncers, travel cots, baby accessories, potties, feeding kits, monitors as well as furniture for the nursery. Visit Argos and let us support you as your baby continues to grow.

  • Home improvement

At our stores, you can get affordable quality items to furnish your home. We have items to make all your rooms as appealing as you want them to be. We also have the equipment and machines you need for landscaping. Visit our stores and let us know how you wish to make your home look. We will help you with everything you need to achieve what you want.

  • Sports Items

If you are a fan of sporting activities, you will be pleased to know that Argos provides you with the necessary costumes and equipment. We have bicycles, skateboards, helmets, balls and sporting luggage among others.

  • Gifts

If you are stuck on what gift to buy someone, you should visit our stores. We have a variety of items you could buy for different events. You can get such gifts as food, drinks, gadgets, gaming items and gift cards.

  • Technology

At Argos, you can get the latest games, phones, computers and any other technological devices you want.

  • Jewellery

We are concerned with making you look the best you can. Besides dressing you up, we offer you all kinds of jewellery to go with the clothes you select. You can get something to buy as a gift from our jewellery collection. Additionally, you can buy your wedding rings and bridal jewellery from us.

Our Services

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You can order items and have them delivered wherever you want. Our delivery services are offered from 7 am to 10 pm every day. Argos offers fast delivery services. You can order and get your package delivered on the same day. You can call Argos Customer Services number 0843 455 0095 if you have any queries or you need to change the delivery details.

We have numerous stores throughout the UK, so you can choose to pick your ordered items from the one that is most convenient for you. If you are not available to receive your goods, you should let us know. We can leave small items at an alternative delivery address. However, if you ordered a large item, you should leave someone to receive it for you.

Buying Guides

If you need to purchase something important but cannot make the right choice, we have a guide for you. Visit our buying guide online and let us help you select just the right product for your needs.

Recycling Services

We can help you recycle some of your items such as mattresses, cookers, dishwashers, freezers and washing machines. Call the Argos Customer Service number 0843 455 0095 or visit our website to know which of your items can be recycled.


If you purchase an item from us and are not happy with it, you are allowed to return it. This should be done within thirty days after purchase. The goods, however, can only be accepted if they are unused and put in their original package. You are also expected to give a proof of purchase.

Product Care and Protection

We protect your items from any kind of accident. You are given 45 days to protecting your product. Depending on the item, you can have it protected from a breakdown or even replaced. We also have an insurance package for your pets. Give the Argos customer services team a call and ask about our competitive insurance range.

Product Support

If you have bought a product and have a hard time using it, you can contact us via the Argos Customer Services number 0843 455 0095 and we’ll give you product support. All you need to do is provide some details about the item and get someone to help you find a solution.

Argos customer service Online Shopping Safety

Due to the increase in fraudsters on the internet, we offer you guidelines on how to safely shop online. We are determined to protect you from criminals who pretend to work for us or other popular stores. Visit our websites and look at our guidelines for safe online shopping.

Argos stores are highly regarded for being able to give customers what they want. We take good care of anyone who shops with us by making sure they get special services. We listen to our customers in order to understand what they need. So our Argos customer services department is geared up to help you resolve any problems you might have. This way, we are able to provide them with products that meet their specific needs.

With Argos, it does not end after you shop. We stick around to make sure you have your products safely delivered. We also help you take care of your items and guide you on how to use them. If you do not know where to locate the nearest Argos stores, visit our website and use our store locator.


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