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iFound Your Number Telephone Directory Service

Hunting for contact numbers of the desired company can be extremely difficult because some companies do not list their contact numbers. So instead of wasting time trying to locate these difficult-to-find contact details by yourself, you can turn to a telephone directory service in order to get you the contact details you need. A good telephone directory service such as iFound Your Number is quite handy as it contains the contact details of some of the largest Government Bodies and Organisations in the United Kingdom.

iFound Your Number is your one-stop solution for all contact numbers in the UK. While Google is a good option when it comes to hunting for phone numbers, iFound Your Number is much more comprehensive than Google. The official website of iFound Your Number caters for the public. Thus, anyone and everyone can access the website in order to find the telephone numbers that they need quickly and without any hassles!

One of the good things about getting help from iFound Your Number is that it is not affiliated or associated with any company/organisation whose number is listed in its directory. In other words, iFound Your Number is totally an independent organisation that aim is to help individuals find the contact numbers that they need in a quick and easy way. Since iFound Your Number is not linked with companies whose numbers are provided by it, therefore the information displayed on the website can be found in other websites within the public domain for free.


iFound Your Number ensures that it provides only functional and relevant numbers by making efforts to keep their directory as up to date as possible. The telephone directory service also puts in the effort to constantly increase its database by including the numbers of new organisations. This way, the users of iFound Your Number will be able to find what they’re looking for!

The good thing about the iFound Your Number telephone directory service is that it does all the hard work for you. Thus, you don’t need to scour the net for the contact number of a specific company because iFound Your Number will do all the hard work on behalf of their users! iFound Your Number is very popular amongst users in the UK. At the moment, some of the most searched numbers are British Gas, Swalec and Admiral. So go ahead and try out the telephone directory service of iFound Your Number, you might want to bookmark the website because you’ll most probably be coming back to it a lot in the future!

Some Of The Companies Listed

We are constantly working to find those contact details that you could have dificulties getting. Some company destails like:
John Lewis
Marks and Spencer
Just to name a few. If you have any requests just use our contact us page.


What’s more, iFound Your Number also offer a call forwarding service to the organisations/businesses listed in their telephone directory. Thus, customers who are looking for a contact number of a company will be transferred directly to the company’s switchboard or automated service, which is convenient because customers do not need to manually dial the number themselves! This call forwarding service is offered through 0843 numbers. Such calls cost 5 ppm extra in addition to the access charge of the cellular network provider used by the caller. It is important to note that callers using their mobiles will be charged more as opposed to those using their landlines. Also, the call charges will vary from one network service provider to another.